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Building indoor air quality has been an issue with increasing awareness for over 10 years.

Building air quality problems may include:

Professionals involved in building air quality problems typically include ventilation engineers, industrial hygienists, analytical laboratories and university research professors.

Sigma Psi Consulting personnel have been certified specifically as Indoor Air Quality Professionals and has allied with other professionals such as Industrial Hygienists, Analytical Labs and University Research Personnel. An indoor air quality assessment conducted by Sigma Psi Consulting may involve several professionals depending on the problem description. The depth of an indoor air quality assessment is usually determined after several telephone conversations, requests for initial information and perhaps a site visit.

A typical IAQ assessment report includes the following:
Who hires indoor air quality consultants?

An indoor air quality consultant is usually not contacted until there are threats of lawsuits, occupants are refusing to work in the building, a physician has related a patient's symptoms to their place of occupation or home, or a store is losing customers due to strange odors.

Perhaps, an employer or landlord believes the occupants are overreacting. The occupants may believe that their concerns or health are being ignored.

The situation may reach a point where any action taken to improve the indoor air quality will be perceived as "too little, too late," or the occupants are "never going to be satisfied."

An IAQ assessment must be objective, open to all possibilities, address all concerns and provide realistic recommendations.

What should a client expect from an indoor air quality consultant?

A consultant should provide specific recommendations for remediation - not just test results or identification of problems.

A consultant must also have an intimate knowledge of building systems and building construction. At least 75% of indoor air quality problems are traced to or solved by building systems and construction details.

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