Mechanical Consulting

Sigma Psi Consulting is Fortunate to Have Experience with Many Types of HVAC Design Projects.

Chiller Plant Renovations with small split systems to 2,300-ton centrifugal systems.

Automated plant design with Direct Digital Control Systems

Liebert and Data Center Equipment

Central Station Air Handler Systems

Air System High Filtration and Clean purification for IVF Facilities

Chemotherapy and Pharmacy Air Supply Systems

Research Laboratory design

Medical Imaging and Linear accelerator HVAC system Design.

Ventilation for Explosive and corrosive air streams

Kitchen Ventilation Design

HVAC Central Station AHU replacements for live and 24/7 occupied systems.

High Velocity Systems and considerations for Historic Buildings

One of the most challenging and fulfilling things an engineer must do is enter a building full of new and old systems and determine what must be modified, expanded, connected to for a new renovation. We must determine if there is sufficient capacity for new work and is the existing equipment is able to continue service. Our long history has equipped us with the knowledge needed for this work.

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