Plumbing Consulting

Sigma Psi Consulting is Fortunate to Have Experience with Many Types of Plumbing Design Projects.

New water services with backflow prevention design.

Booster pump systems and retrofit systems.

Drainage system design for storm and sanitary.

Drainage system design for process environments, acid wastes, and corrosive or contaminated waste drainage.

Replacement design of aged systems in live occupied buildings and historic buildings.

Critical Area plumbing and drainage design.

Process water and compressed air design.

Medical Gas and vacuum design.

Hot water system and hot water generation design.

Hot water recirculating system design.

Fire Sprinkler and Standpipe design.

Fire pump and tank system design.

One of the most challenging and fulfilling things an engineer must do is enter a building full of new and old systems and determine what must be modified, expanded, connected to for a new renovation. We must determine if there is sufficient capacity for new work and is the existing equipment is able to continue service. Our long history has equipped us with the knowledge needed for this work.

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